Why choose Fivelands?

Find out what makes us special

Why choose Fivelands Veterinary Centre?

  • 20 minute appointments

However your pet may feel about coming to the vets we aim to make our consultation room a calm and friendly place that your cat or dog can explore whilst we chat to you about your questions or concerns. For us a yearly booster vaccination is an opportunity to build a relationship between the vet, pet and pet owner, discussing optimal feeding and parasite control. Kindness and a thorough approach all come as standard. 

  • Continuity of care

We love to get to know you and your pets hence we try to book the vet of your choice time after time. If  'your vet' is away from the practice we will aim to let you know who will be taking care of your pet's needs e.g. reporting results, advising on medication or looking after your pet in the hospital.

  • Tailored to your needs

Your pets are all different and at Fivelands our vets recognise that sometimes we need to think 'outside of the box' to find treatments that are suitable cats who don't like tablets or solutions that match your budget.

  • Communication

If your pet is in the hospital overnight you can expect an update from a vet at least once a day providing the opportunity to ask questions allowing you to direct the care of your pet with advice from our vets. We endeavour to provide a time frame and plan for your pet's treatment- communicating information as soon as it becomes available, involving you every step of the way.

  • Hospitalisation with comfort and love

If your pet does need to be admitted to one of our wards rest assured that they will receive a comfortable, quiet space where they will have attention from our team of nurses usually at a ratio of 1:3 or less. Our nursing staff prepare fresh meat and fish for those patients who need that extra special encouragement to eat. For larger dogs or those with reduced mobility we have cushioned mattresses as well as the standard fluffy Vetbeds. If required, drips and intravenous medication can be provided electronically and monitored by our veterinary nursing team. Should you wish to visit your pet in hospital we always try to provide a quiet space to allow you to spend time together.

  • Modern facilities with trustworthy advice

All out patients can access the facilities at Moseley which include:

  1. Digital x-ray and ultrasound
  2. Endoscopy/Arthroscopy
  3. Full surgical facilities for soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery
  4. Laparoscopy (key-hole surgery)
  5. Dental surgery
  6. On-site blood testing with Idexx machines
  7. Microscopy of urine and analysis of tumours
  8. Full anaesthetic monitoring with multi- parameter monitoring including blood pressure/ECG/pulse oximetry during operations
  9. Therapeutic class 4 laser
  10. Dental Xrays
  • Free Puppy socialising parties