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Case Study

Patient: Lady, a lovely 2 year old, Domestic Shorthair Cat

History: Non weight bearing lameness of her back left leg after leaping from her owners arms whilst applying a flea product.

Clinical findings: Fractured left tibia and fibula (shin bones).

Initial Radiographs:

The radiographs show the shin bone has fractured into several pieces (and the splint bone/ fibula has also broken). The fracture site is quite near the ankle which makes surgical repair very challenging for 2 main reasons. 1) There is very little bone stock beyond the fracture meaning less bone in which to fix implants to support it whilst it heals. 2) There is very little soft tissue (muscles and skin) in this region meaning healing can be slow and difficult.

Solution: The fracture was repaired here at Fivelands using lag screws to reconstruct the bony column. A locking bone plate was used to span the fracture site, lending support to the construction allowing Lady to walk and the bone to heal.

Immediate Post Operative Radiographs:

These radiographs show good reduction of the fracture, optimal reconstruction of the bone and together this is allowing load sharing between the plate and the bone.

Post Operative Care:

Lady required crate rest at home with supervised time out of the cage for cuddling. She was managed with pain relief and a short course of antibiotics.

Follow Up Radiographs:

The radiographs taken 6 weeks after repair show that the fracture has healed well. Lady was allowed to gradually return to normal exercise and is very much back to normal and loving life.

The implants used do not need to be removed unless any issue arises with them in the future.