Cat Clinics

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As part of our commitment to being aware of individual pet needs we offer cat only clinics at all of our surgeries.

During these times we aim to not have dogs in the waiting room & keep any areas where cats may be as stress-free as possible: Some cats find the whole business of being put into a carrier & a car journey stressful. At Fivelands we want to make your cat feel as comfortable as possible on their visit to us. We have the silver award for being cat friendly International Cat Care. We are only one of 15 practices in the West Midlands to have been recognised as cat friendly by ICC.

What do Fivelands do for cats?

  • Separate screened off seating areas at the main surgery for dogs & cats. If you cat becomes anxious in the waiting room please ask at reception and we will endeavour to take your cat to a quiet room until the appointment.
  • Large cat-friendly kennels-  made of a plastic material,which is non-reflective. Cats are given a box to hide under & soft bedding (cats hate seeing their reflection in a metal kennels which can also be noisy).
  • Cat only clinics dedicated to seeing cats.
  • Weighing scales suitable for cats in each of the consulting rooms.
  • 20 minute appointments to allow your cat time to acclimatise to its surroundings in the consulting room.
  • Rubber mats on the top of the consulting tables so your cat can stand without slipping.
  • Separate dog & cat wards- the cat ward is so peaceful, our feline patients really do get to relax.
  • Use of Feliway in the practice.
  • Use of small, quiet clippers to reduce stress when taking blood samples.
  • Blood pressure equipment designed to check a cat’s blood pressure with as little stress as possible (making it more accurate)

Cat Only Clinic Times

  • Thursday 2pm-3.15pm at the Hall Green surgery
  • Wednesday 2pm-3.15pm at the Yardley surgery
  • Wednesday 2pm-3.15pm at the Moseley surgery

Our Cat Friendly Co-ordinators 

Prior booking of appointments are needed for all clinics. Rabbits welcome to these cat clinics too! Dogs will not be seen during these clinics except during an emergency or where the cat appointments have finished