Community and Charity Work

We are dedicated to helping pets in the wider community

At Fivelands we are dedicated to helping pets in the wider community as well as pets belonging to our clients. Some of our community and charity work is listed below and we are proud to be associated with the following organisations. We feel that giving back to the community or charity to assist those who are less fortunate or in need is a valuable role, especially as in doing so we can promote good pet care and help pets to be well cared for when their owners do not have the means to look after them properly.

Perry Barr Retired Greyhound Trust

We have close links with Solihull Greyhound Trust, a charity that rehomes ex-racing greyhounds and provides advice and support to people with greyhounds.

Crufts Raffle

For the last 5 years Fivelands Veterinary Centre has sponsored the major prize at their Crufts raffle, helping them to raise several thousand pounds for the fantastic work they do in giving these lovely dogs a new, loving home.  We have also had a vet run in their charity race, and supported them on their stand at Crufts and in their street collections, as well as giving a talk to them about Fireworks & Pets.


The vets at Fivelands Veterinary Centre are often asked by the charity the RSPCA for help in dealing with stray animals & cruelty cases, both in rspca logotreating the pets concerned, and providing expert evidence to prosecute the owners or perpetrators of the cruelty. One of our vets, Christian Hughes is featured in the recent RSPCA tv advert, and has appeared on RSPCA Animal Rescue. The work we do with the RSPCA is extremely sad at times but “When the RSPCA rescue an animal on the brink of death from starvation and we help to get them fit we are so glad we chose our profession as vets”.

Guides dogs for the blind

We are proud to treat many assistance dogs, whether they are guide dogs for the blind, hearing dogs for the deaf, medical detection dogs, pat dogs, and assistance dogs for disabled people. These dogs make their owner’s lives so much easier and it is vital that the dogs are in perfect health for them to be able to perform their role effectively. Fivelands vets also treat pets belonging to elderly or homeless people on behalf of charities such as the Dog’s Trust Hope Project and Cinnamon Trust.


At Fivelands we also assist West Midlands Police dog units in their work maintaining the safety of the community.

The local community

Over the years we have given a number of talks to the community, such as schools, kids clubs, and homeless charities to promote responsible pet ownership and talk about life as a veterinary surgeon or veterinary nurse. We are happy to visit schools or groups to give talks and even been involved in pet services at St.Anne’s Church in Moseley.


For a number of years, one of our vets, Christian Hughes, was the vet on Radio WM’s Ed Doolan Show. Ed’s lovely siamese pet cat, Billy was a regular visitor to the practice. We still have links with Radio WM and are always happy to help with media topics, the practice having featured on on BBC and Central News discussing topical events, and stories in the Birmingham Evening Mail, and even in the Daily Mail.